About Flatbed Shipping

Our flatbed trucking company staff has been handling almost every kind of flatbed shipment you can think of with over 100 years of combined experience in the flatbed trucking industry. When it comes to flatbed trucking we know our business and you can rest assure that your flatbed shipment is in the hands of well trained and competent trucking professionals that know what they are doing.

After years of transporting flatbed freight we came up with the idea to compile a database of all the flatbed trucking companies we we’re dealing with into a database in order to alert them of our available shipments in case they have a truck in the area. They then bid on the transport of the shipment and we assign the proper qualified flatbed trucking company with the best quote to your load while saving you time and money and keeping our friendly drivers busy at the same time.


about flatbed shipping

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How we maintain a 5 Star Rating in Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service year after year.

The answer is simple

Customers Deal Directly with the Owner & Manager - Rickie Meeks

We challenge anyone who has a question regarding a shipment of any type to give us a call and you will soon realize the knowledge and expertise we have in the industry.

This is where you get the real benefit when choosing us.

IF a Problem arises we know what to do. '' that's PRICELESS''

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