flatbed hauler

Flatbed Hauling

Flatbed hauler are cargo carrying trailers attached to a truck cab. They are specifically designed to transport large, overweight, over size, and overly long cargo on established trucking routes. There are several variations of flatbed trailers that include the standard straight, flat surface, a drop deck surface, and a double drop deck surface. Each style of flatbed hauler is designed to accommodate different cargo heights, weights, lengths and unusual configurations. Each flatbed style is also available in an extendable flatbed to maximize a customer’s transportation load. It is always advantageous for a customer to discuss his cargo needs with a trucking company that specializes in flatbed transportation.


Standard Flatbeds:

These haulers range from 42 to 53 feet in length and are the most commonly used forms of moving supplies, equipment, machinery, concrete structures, steel, and lumber that does not exceed 8’6” in height and width. These flatbed hauler load dimensions will allow the trailer to remain within bridge and overhead structure restrictions and will not require any special permits or escort vehicle in most states. Depending on the customer’s needs, there are extendable  flatbeds that can expand up to 70 feet in length.

Drop Deck Flatbeds:

These flatbed hauler range from 42 to 48 feet in length with the upper decks having a length capacity of 11 or 12 feet and they are the same height as standard flatbeds. The drop decks are lower than standard flatbeds to accommodate taller cargo for a maximum height capacity of 10’2” and width capacity of 8’6”. When required, an extendable drop deck  can expand the dropped, lower, deck an additional 23 feet in length. Drop deck flatbed trailers will not require special permits or escort vehicles in most states.

Double Drop Deck:

These flatbed hauler range from 42 to 48 feet in length with the front upper decks having the length capacity of 11’6” and the rear upper decks having approximately 10’6” of length capacity. The second dropped decks are in the center area called the wells and have cargo lengths between 20 and 26 feet. The second dropped decks are lower to the road to accommodate extra tall cargo for a maximum height capacity of 11’6” while maintaining a width capacity of 8’6”. When needed, an extendable double drop deck  can expand the well area length by up to an additional 12 feet. As with standard flatbeds and drop deck flatbeds, the double drop deck flatbed haulers will not require special permits or escort vehicles in most states.


When the cargo being shipped extends beyond the standard width limit of 8’6”, it is considered to be over wide. Over wide freight will need permits to navigate the trucking routes, bridges and overhand structures. Over wide freight will also need escort vehicles to ensure the safety of both the flatbed haulers and other vehicles on the roads. Over wide cargo haulers are not permitted to travel during evening hours because of road risks to both the haulers and other vehicles.

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