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Online Shipping Quotes

Online shipping quotes for shipment of new agriculture  for a dealership or construction equipment headed for a job site, more items than ever are shipped by flatbed trucks. While many companies claim they can provide the best possible service and shipping rates, they often fall short in both areas. When customers need the most reliable flatbed shipping services at the most affordable rates, the first and only company they turn to is flatbedshipping.com.

24/7  Shipping Rate Quote

Customers needing on line shipping quotes can rely on the excellent service of flatbedshipping.com to get their merchandise and other materials where it’s needed. Knowing character and quality of service equal good business, flatbedshipping.com has established partnerships with many of the leading trucking carriers in the nation. In some cases, customers may need to get permits before being allowed to ship certain items. Permits may be needed for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Wide load shipment
  • Oversize Loads
  • Overweight Loads

In addition, unloading services using cranes or forklifts are also available if needed, along with tarp protection to guard against the elements while transporting.

Where We Ship

Because we work with a variety of flatbed carriers, we can offer on line shipping quotes to virtually anywhere in North America, including Canada and Mexico from Home Office Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We also offer service within the lower 48 states as well as Alaska, so no matter where you need to ship things by flatbed truck we are here to assist you. Having been continuously rated as one of the top five  for many years, customers know they can count on us to ship their items no matter how long or short the journey may be. We now have offices in Ohio, Texas, California providing LTL, Partial and Flatbed Transportation Services Coast to Coast. Team Flatbed Service available.

Requesting a Online Shipping Quote

When customers need to request, it’s easier than ever with us here at flatbedshipping.com. All that’s needed is some basic information about your shipment, and we can provide a trucking quote  in a matter of moments. Some of the information that will need to be submitted includes:

  • Origin and Destination of shipment
  • Length, Width and Height of shipment
  • Method of loading
  • Pictures and Documents related to shipment
  • Method of payment