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Our flatbed trucking services are second to none as we implement as well as develop the newest ideas and technology in every applicable direction we can when it comes to the trucking industry. First and foremost we’re honest and fair in everything we do in our personal lives. Second we all apply the same rules in our professional lives. Our national staff consists of individuals of quality and balanced character that are proven leaders versed in every aspect of flatbed freight and the flatbed trucking industry as well as full service brokerage and logistics. These flatbed trucking companies and individuals that make up our flatbed trucking services  carrier network are winners on their own without us. We didn’t recruit them as we are unable to be recruited. We simply rose to the top in our professions and talked about ways we could grow together complementing each other and making potential flatbed shipping partners.

Flatbed Services

Include loading and unloading of the item you need shipped if you prefer. We can have cranes or forklift’s in place if needed at the time of loading and unloading flatbed freight. If permits are needed because your flatbed shipment is oversize, overweight or a wide load shipment we have trained and skilled permit providers that will handle the filing for you for a reasonable fee. If your  shipment needs protection we are able to accommodate you as most of our drivers carry tarps on their air ride flatbed trailers. All around Flatbed Shipping has got you covered when it comes to flatbed trucking services!  We continue to be rated in the top five flatbed trucking companies.Trucking Quote 24/7

Areas of Service

We are currently providing trucking services to all lower 48 states as well as Alaska. We are now servicing all of North America including Canada and Mexico.

Flatbed Trucking Services May 14, 2014