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LTL Flatbed Carriers

LTL Flatbed Carriers

Using LTL Flatbed Carriers

Hiring  LTL Flatbed Carriers or Light Truck Load can be beneficial for both the trucking company and the client. When a company is shipping equipment, parts, and other cargo, management may not need to hire an entire truck. By working with the trucking company, they may be able to get a bargain price for their shipment.

Partial Flatbed Loads

A 53-foot long trailer contains 3816  cubic feet of space. If a company is only shipping a few forklifts, they certainly do not need to pay for the entire truck. For many companies, that means sharing the load with various other business concerns, resulting in significant savings. In fact, the trucking company may negotiate a sterling deal for a customer who will “fill out” their existing load. After all, any unused space loses them money.

Types of Flatbed Freight

Flatbed freight varies greatly, but it is often used for various machinery that does not easily fit inside a standard truck. in addition to items such as forklifts, flatbed cargo often includes other machinery such as tractors, generators, boilers, excavators, and motors. Flatbed carriers can handle almost any type of oversized load safely and efficiently. Amateur haulers really are not prepared to transport this type of expensive and potentially dangerous load.


TL, Partial, and LTL Rates

The rates for a TL or total load varies, of course, depending on the company and region of the country. Currently, east coast rates are approximately $3.08 per mile, while rates in the Houston area are $1.94. Midwestern rates are hovering around $2.28 per mile. Those with partial or LTL, light truck loads, can expect to pay less. Any customer who has only a partial or light load should definitely look for the best deal available. They can try and get their cargo to be the items that make a load full. A little time and research can save a business owner a great deal of money on their shipping budget. Also, they will still be buying safe and professional transit for their items.

For business owners with more modest shipping needs, paying for light or partial load flatbed carrier transportation can save them a huge amount of money. Comparison shopping among trucking companies can be a real boon to those who never have a full flatbed load. They should remember that negotiation can cut their operating expenses and improve their profit margins. Partial loads can be a smaller company’s saving grace.   

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