Flatbed Shipping Options

There are a lot of shipping options available when considering  options. Whether you are in charge of shipping for a large corporation or you’re making arrangements to move a large quantity of materials for a personal project, all flatbed shipping points should be considered carefully. Flatbed shipping via semi trucks requires the driver to have a CDL driver’s license. It is helpful to know that driver and/or the company which employs the driver, has experience shipping the items you need moved.

The following are shipped via flatbed and step deck trailers:

  • pipe,steel,metal buildings
  • construction supplies,generators,building materials
  • construction equipment,tanks,industrial machinery and more
  • tractors,transformers,boilers,turbines,cooling towers
  • shipping containers

The list is almost endless.

Flatbed shipping can be slightly more dangerous than regular shipping. The load(s) must be secured safely. This safe restraint of the item(s) to be shipped is dependent upon the item(s). A large cement culvert is not going to be tethered to the flatbed in the same manner as a car, or many cars. Safety really is a key component when reviewing or interviewing the driver or flatbed company you have chosen to take on your shipping needs.

The manner in which you are charged for the service is another criterion to examine closely. Experienced drivers are not cheap, but can be well worth the money. Safety and experience must be weighed against various charges and fees to determine the overall efficiency of the driver and/or company you might choose. Speed is not always everything. Making sure your load arrives at its destination without damage and in the same condition as when it was loaded can out weigh . No one wants to off load a shipping container just find disheveled contents upon its opening. That’s not how quality flatbed shippers do quality business. Different types of flatbed loads may require different types of flatbed trailers. Heavy metal coils may transport best on a “skateboard” flatbed. These are the flatbed trailers that appear to be bowed upward when not loaded. A “low boy” flatbed or “” may be the best choice for shipping equipment that can be loaded on the lower bed more easily than a higher one. Extra long bridge I beams, for instance, require extendable flatbed trailers to safely and effectively carry items of that size and magnitude. So whether you’re building your own home, or you are a seasoned contractor, flat bed shipping options abound. Making educated and we’ll informed decisions about the method and mode you utilize to transport your items are crucial for success. Now get a flatbed trucking quote.

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