Truck Shipping Rates 24/7Truck Shipping Rates 24/7

When you need to move freight across the country or even a short distance, you worry about cost.  In fact, cost is often the first concern of all shipping customers, who, quite naturally, want to keep costs down and profits up.  Cost is important, but even more essential is the quality of the service.  Truck shipping rates are only part of the customer service story for us here at  We want to give you the most complete service possible.

How Are Truck Shipping Rates Figured?

A number of factors are considered when computing shipping rates.  Obviously, the size and weight of the load are important factors as well as travel distance, freight durability, and special needs.  Some freight is more delicate than others and requires extra care.  A top-rated shipping company takes all these factors into consideration before offering a rate that covers all the necessary precautions. 

Is a Low Rate Always the Best Rate?

“You get what you pay for” is a cliché based in truth.  The lowest bid on anything, and particularly on truck shipping rates, is not likely to be the best bid.  A bottom-dollar bid means that you get minimum service. The load may arrive on time, but what condition will it be in?  Or the condition of your freight may be fine, but the delivery of it may be late. Smart consumers are willing to pay a little more to get the quality service that they need.

We at do not promise the lowest rates, but we do promise that we will pick up your cargo on time and deliver it on time, safely and efficiently. Paying a little more money up front will likely save you money in the end. Paying low prices for faulty service can lead to huge expenses for you. If your load shows up late and damaged, you may face project delays and unusable merchandise. No matter what you are shipping, you need it to arrive on time and in excellent condition.

Truck shipping rates can be a tricky topic for experts and novices alike. The main thing to remember, however, is that you need to hire a company that offers reasonable rates and outstanding service. Cheap prices often lead to disastrous results. Keep your loads safe by hiring a company that prides itself on customized, dependable service. We know how to deliver exactly what you need.

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