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Flatbed Trucking Quote

Get trucking quote from over 20,000 flatbed trucking companies. We match your flatbed shipment with any trucking company that has a flatbed truck and trailer in your area that is looking for a load. Whether you need superload, wideload, oversize load, heavy haul trucking or just regular flatbed trucking services. Flatbed Shipping will get your freight loaded and on the road for the absolute best rate available nationally.


Flatbed Shipping

Our services include loading and unloading of the item you need shipped if you prefer. We can have cranes or forklifts in place if needed at the time of loading. If permits are needed because your freight shipment is oversize, overweight or a wide load we have trained and skilled permit providers that will handle the filing for you. We also can arrange for pilot or flag car services as well following your shipment thru the states that require this service for oversize, overweight or wide load shipments.

Our national network of flatbed carriers are all well trained in transporting oversize, overweight and wide load shipments so you get your product safe and on time when you need it. If your shipment needs to be tarped we are able to accommodate you as most of our drivers carry tarps on their flatbed trailers. All around Flatbed Shipping has got you covered!

Flatbed Trucking Service

Whether you need dedicated flatbed service, local delivery, regional  service or long haul trucking service. Therefore Flatbed Shipping will get your  freight loaded on time and on the road. Furthermore we offer the most competitive trucking rate available . Doing it 24/7 seven days a week including nights and weekends. Feel free to contact us or go on line to flatbed shipping  and use our form for trucking quotes


Attention  Flatbed Shippers

Above all don’t let a cheap trucking quote and a no show truck cost you time, money, furthermore a customer. Certainly  many flatbed companies as well as flatbed owner operator’s and  flatbed haulers have ceased operations. As a result this has caused a shortage of available flatbed trucks and open deck  equipment. At flatbed shipping we probably won’t provide the cheapest freight rate, yet we will secure a flatbed truck and proper load securing equipment. Consequently we will provide a safe and courteous driver to pick up and deliver your flatbed shipment on time, every time. Most noteworthy we have competitive flatbed rates .

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“These people do an incredible job for us. We have shipments going out to job site each week. Therefore scheduled pick up and delivery appointments must be arranged in advance. And must arrive on time, every time. As a result we’re able to save in some cases up to 20% on each project by paying a little higher flatbed freight rates, we get 5 star service and on time delivery. In conclusion we save us thousands in crane bills and labor costs. Most of all our we know these folks will deliver.” Donald Cameron, Purchasing – WSG & Solutions.



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